Coat of Arms

Terenian Economics Division


In the economy branch we want to see Terenia thrive. Set up shop in a small town and be a local baker, become a well established trader within the duchy, the opportunity to follow your desires is here. The Economy branch also manages the bank of Terenia. This will be an extra reserve where lord within the Duchy can lend money for a low interest rate if they propose a plan of how it would be an investment. We will invest in local businesses alike as well. This way we can see Terenia grow as a whole.


Within the duchy there is a good amount of land owners who pay taxes. We want to make these fair, a rich and thriving settlement with a bountiful of resources can contribute more than a smaller settlement with limited resources. This is where we will assess how much taxes each Town/County will pay. We will make sure for a fair taxation in all of Terenia. The businesses: We want to make sure that trading companies from in- and outside the Duchy are able to make bulk sales to other businesses in Terenia, We've already secured certain deals and will be looking for more expansion later on. We will try and get our local and bit businesses a fair and good deal allowing them to expand. Also Terenia is eager to invest in businesses as well. Allowing the set up of shop within towns and helping them get started.


People who want to start towns from scratch are also supported if they have a plan. If you want to build your own town and propose this to us we might support you in such a fashion that you can get going early on. The counts can give you fair prices on the land and allow you to grow within their County. It benefits all parties to have new towns. Our goal: Our main goal is to see all of Terenia grow as a whole and give everyone a fair experience and chance to make their dream come true. And we hope to one day see all of Terenia grow as a whole.

Coat of Arms