The Terenian Hierarchy of Power is the social ladder of influence present in our society. While the Duke himself holds all the power of governance in his hands, he relies on the strength of his nobility and elected officials to give the people of the realm a fair living. 


The Duke: He is the monarch ruling over our duchy. The current serving Duke, Demiqas Liacan, is a pledged vassal of Vaizer, the Demalion Emperor. While upholding the Emperor's peace, the Duke has full control in ruling over his lands and is free to pass laws in accordance to the principles we all uphold. 


The Terenian Council: The Terenian Council is are the main consists of the Duke's most trusted advisors, and only menn of certain positions are offered a position on it, such as..

  • The High Regent: The Duke's right hand mann, and counsilor in all aspects of administration.
  • The Grand Marshal: Commander and leader of the Terenian Legion, Terenia's main military force on the field. 
  • Royal Treasurer: In charge of managing the Duke's treasury, his job is to make sure our finances are scure and well managed.
  • Head of Intelligence: In charge of our duchy's intelligence agency, he serves as the main collector of knowledge for the purpose of keeping our lands safe.
  • Head of Industry: In charge of overseeing and managing building projects all over our lands, as well as building roads. His branch is the main driving force of our infrastructure.
  • Lord Commander of the Wolfpack: In charge of leading an elite unit of Knights, sworn to always serve and protect the Duke, while never abandoning his side.


The Terenian Senate: The other ruling body besides of the council, the senate consists of the people's elected officials that hold sway in the passing of laws and legislation. Terenian Senators are seen as official elected representatives of the terenian people and they hold diplomatic immunity throughout the realm of the Empire.


Counts: Counts and Countesses make out the very social fabric of Terenia, they are the Duke's nobility and they have ruling power over their fiefdoms. Each of them is in charge of resource and land management in his County, taking care of his settlements and encouraging research and innovation.


Mayors/Barons: Lords in charge of individual settlements in Terenia, each of them has been tasked by the Duke with upholding their lands and making sure their settlements prosper under a fair rule. Barons are the military servants of the Dukes, and charged with upholding a quota of soldiers necessary for maintaining the ream's protection. 


Branches: Members who join official government branches take upon them the task of serving the well-being of their homeland, and for that they shall be respected and rewarded..

  • Terenian Army - our military force, and the pride of the Duchy. With the Commander in charge, our troops have their own hierarchy and are divided into special units. Their goal is to protect the Terenian small folk, especially in times of war or conflict. 
  • Industrial Complex - the section of the Duchy that spends as much time as possible building and researching for Terenia to protect and advance the community via weaponry, armour, carpentry and all over developments that's possibly.
  • Economics Division -  This branch is the mayor contributor to Terenia's financial stability. They collaborate with diplomats and foreign realms to establish healthy trade agreements 
  • Terenian Intelligence - Provides Terenia officials with relevant information for keeping the community safe and peaceful, may have ties to the black market / underground for more intel. Combat expertise may be required.
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