Coat of Arms

Welcome to Terenia!

We welcome thee, weary traveler, to a place where all menn are treated fairly and equal. Terenia is an old land in the northernmost parts of Elyria, with rich history and a proud people who have endured throughout the ages. After years of turmoil, the realm is finally at peace under the banner of the Demalion Empire, and Duke Demiqas Liacan I is looking to build Terenia into a prosperous Duchy where his people will live freely and with pride. Long may he reign!

Find a place to call home!
You will find Terenia to be a welcoming place to settle down, and live with a sense of pride and belonging.
Build a life for yourself!
Build your home on Terenian soil, and secure the future well-being of your family.
Pry your trade!
Craftsmenn in Terenia will always have the opportunity to earn fair wages, as long as they do honest work.
Shape the Future of Terenia!
Be a part of something greater, and influence the course of things to come!

From our principles we never stray

In Terenia we are evaluated not only by the success we make for ourselves and our family names, but by the way we treat our fellow mann and womann. Our principles are the ones of the Empire, and they are most sacred to us. Therefore, it is our duty to uphold them.

Courage is the quality of mind or spirit that enables us to face difficulties, dangers and pain. Sometimes with fear, but always with bravery. We will always find the courage to stand for our convictions, and to act in accordance to our beliefs, even when met with dire odds.

We put trust in those who are deserving of it. Trust is the reliance on integrity, strength, ability, surety. It implies a feeling of security and instinctive unquestionable belief in and reliance upon someone deserving of that trust. That is what it means to have trust in one's governing system.

We show unquestionable loyalty to those who have done right by us. For Terenia, this means faithful adherence to the Demalion Empire, as well as faithfulness to whichever commitments or obligations are required of us. Loyalty is the cornerstone of any construction, without it the walls come tumbling down.

We always remain generous to those who are our friends and others in need. Whoever closes his ear to the cry of the poor will himself call out and not be answered. Sharing and giving in compassion to our fellow mann is what keeps us from straying off the path of righteousness.

Coat of Arms

A Proud People

The menn and womenn of Terenia stood through

 good and bad times, always with dignity. Being a Terenian still means something, especially today.

A Story Untold

What was was, and will never be again. Yet the road

ahead remains uncertain. Mayhaps it is be you who

shall play a key role in shaping the future of our Lands.

A Deadly Dance

As time passes, months give way to ages, and 

ages give way to centuries. Noble Houses will rise

only to wither away, but the spirit of Terenia remains.